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Scheme 33

Find high resolution of Scheme 33 Society map, site plan and master plan of Scheme 33 Karachi. See updated and best quality of Scheme 33 Society map.

Sector 5-A
Sahafee 5-A
Ali Garh 5-A
All Pakistan Newspaper 5-A

Sector 5-B
Ali Garh 5-B

Sector 6-A
Saddar market 6-A
Sindh Secretariat 6-A
Rok 6-A

Sector 7-A
Ali Garh 7-A
Sindh Secretariat 7-A

Sector 7-B
Ali Garh 7-B

Sector 8-A
Meerut 8-A

Sector 9-A
Meerut 9-A
Ali Garh 9-A-1
Ali Garh 9-A-2

Sector 13-A
Memon Nagar 13-A

Sector 14-A
Metroville 14-A

Sector 15-A
Memon Nagar Society 15-A
Merchant Navy Society 15-A
New Lyari Society 15-A
KDA Employees Society 15-A
Sadaf Society 15-A

Sector 16-A
Gulshan-e-Kaneez Fatima 16-A
Government Teachers 16-A
Malik Society 15-A/16-A

Sector 17-A
Madras Society 17-A
Pakistan Scientist Society 17-A
Cornishe Society 17-A
Pakistan Audit Society 17-A
Gwaliar Society 17-A
State Bank Society 17-A

Sector 18-A
Karachi University Society 18-A
Queeta Town Society 18-A
Pili Bhit Society 18-A

Sector 18-B
Queeta Town 18-B

Sector 18-C
Federal Government Society 18-C

Sector 19-A
Gulistan Society 19-A
Kathiawar Society 19-A
Pak Air Crew Society 19-A
Government Teachers 19-A
Zeenatabad Society 19-A
Karim Bhai Society 19-A

Sector 19-C
Federal Government Society 19-C

Sector 20-A
Khagan Society 20-A
Sir Syed Society 20-A
Fridi Niyazi Society 20-A
Musalmanan-E-Punjab 20-A
Halari Memon Society 20-A
Kokan Society 20-A
Sector 21-A
Kati chi Memon Society 21-A
P.N.Civilian Society 21-A
Ghandhara Society 21-A
Government Teachers 21-A
Makhdomabad Society 21-A

Sector 24-A
Incholi Society 24-A
P.C.S.I.R Society 24-A
Karachi Bar Association Society 24-A

Sector 24-B
Federal Government Society 24-B

Sector 25-A
Punjabi Saudagar Society 25-A
Karachi Bar Society 25-A

Sector 25-B
Federal Government Society Sector 25-B

Sector 26-A
Telephone Employees Society 26-A
PIDC Society 26-A
Qureshi Society 26-A
Post office  26-A

Sector 27-A
Pakistan Atomic Energy 27-A
PIA Society 27-A
Suleman Society Society 27-A
Karachi Bar Association Society 27-A

Sector 31-A
Punjabi Saudagar Phase 4/ PS – 2 Society 31-A

Sector 32-A
Punjabi Saudagar Phase 3/ PS – 1 Society 32-A

Sector 35-A
Capital 35-A

Sector 36-A
Hansa Society 36-A
Soomra Society 36-A

Sector 47-A
Amna Society Phase 2 47-A

Sector 48-A
Gulshan-e-Mahmoodul Haq Society 48-A
Amna Society 48-A
Okha Mandal Society 48-A

Sector 49-A
Surti Muslim Society 49-A
Radio Society 49-A
Hasminabad Society 49-A
ICI Staff Society 49-A

Sector 50-A
Mustafa Town Society 50-A
Punjabi Saudagar Society 50-A

Sector 52-A
Attawa 52-A
Mashraqi 52-A
Suparco 52-A

Sector 54-A
Al Noor Society 54-A
Karachi High Court Employee Society 54-A Shad Baig 54-A

Qasimabad City
Qasimabad City Phase 2
Qasimabad City Phase 3

Pir Ahmed Zaman Town
Block 1
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4

Pir Gul Hassan Town
Phase 1
Phase 2, Block A
Phase 2, Block B
Phase 2, Block C
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